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Attention Home Builders!!!

Never look at the bottom line price from any lumber yard without comparing price to Tangi Lumber & Hardware. You might be deceived. The average lumber yard will tell you what they think you need to build your house. As you may know, lumber yards typically use allowances for front doors, hardware, nails, and much more. NEVER look at the bottom line when trying to see which lumber yard is the cheapest. Make an informed comparison.

At Tangi Lumber & Hardware, we strive to give our customers the best quality product at the best possible price. When you deal with Tangi Lumber, you deal with an owner. One of the business owners will provide you with a quote for your house plans. An owner is at the store every day for customer service and convenience. Your windows and doors are ordered by the owner. All deliveries of materials are coordinated by an owner because they are available to you at all times. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our studs are of the highest quality and grade on the market. Buying the cheapest does not mean buying the best. A stud is a 2 x 4 and cost more per linear foot than a random length 2 x 4. Studs are the foundation for the structure of your home. Framers will pick the straightest studs to use for the walls of your home. The studs that are not perfectly straight will be used for bracing and blocking the structure of your home. The wood used for blocking and bracing could have been cut from 2 x 4 random lengths which are much less expensive than studs. Therefore, you are not necessarily saving money by buying the “cheapest” studs.

Our studs are wax sealed and stamped. They do cost a little more, but ultimately you will save money. And the proof is in the structure of your home.

We feel that it is extremely important for anyone building, especially in the Gulf Coast Region, to build a house that is strong, sound, and solid.

That is why we carry only the best studs available in the United States!!!